Saving Money at the Market

Being disabled I am on decidedly fixed income. Just being able to make ends meet requires organization, creativity and learning the best places to shop and save.

Each week I go through my freezer, fridge and cupboard and see what I have and what recipes I can make from them.

Refrigerator full of  healthy food Stock Photos


Once I have my menu set  I see what I need and look for coupons.

Id also recommend signing up for Ibotta. Ibotta gives rebates on many stores as well as groceries.

I do all my big shopping once a month at Trader Joe’s. I love the selection of healthy foods and low prices. This is where I get almost all of my frozen meals and pre-made soups for the times I’m flaring and can’t cook.


Then when I make my menus I usually only have to pick up a few things. Fresh fruits and vegetables and whatever else I need to round out my meals.

I also try to stock up on the things I know I’ll be using again and again. I look for the sales and stock up. This way I have what I need on hand for less.

I hope this helps!  Hugs~




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