About Skulls and Lace

Here I will be sharing my advice on life, the universe and everything. How to shop and decorate with a limited budget. I do believe in saving up for statement pieces.

Recipes I’ve created and saved for years, I’ll be sharing with you. As well as those I’ve received from my friends and family.  I believe in doing all things in balance. I eat predominately healthy, fresh foods but there’s no way I’m passing on Mexican. I also crank up my music and pour a drink when I clean the house and cook. We also observe cocktail hour at my house, a time honored tradition. I just love relaxing with a drink and talking to my family or friends over nibbles before we dine.

I’ll also share the sites I’ve found and use to save money on healthy household cleaning items and much more.

My Promise to You ~

In creating SkullsandLace.com, I promise to welcome you into my world. If you write me I’ll answer, if I don’t know the answer I’ll tell you. Of course, I’ll do some research first and try to point you in the right direction.