Unpacking An Apt

I’m in my new apartment now and have been unpacking for the last two weeks. I still have a long way to have to go put it’s starting to look like a home.

I’m not good at packing or unpacking. Thank God for my new aide Mika! She constantly reminds me to take breaks. Tells me to stop when she leaves and to just relax.

I’m one of those psycho, crazy people who just keep pushing through til things are done.

And now I’m flaring.

So I’m adding to my unpacking advice now ~

Be sure to take breaks every two hours ~  Stop whatever you’re doing get a glass of water and just relax for 15 -20`minutes.

Snack along the way ~ Be sure to have healthy snacks  close at hand while you work. Carrots, celery, almonds with craisins, peanuts with craisins and raisins, popcorn with just a little sea salt.

This is especially helpful if you’re especially “brillant” like me and forget to eat. Not so great when your diabetic, like me.

Drink water ~ 8 glasses a day at least.

I know its hard to live in an apartment filled with boxes and not being able to find everything. I’m living it right now. It’s still better to listen to your body and go slower.

Having labeled your boxes before moving you know which ones you need to unpack first and which ones can wait. I’m not a big fan of paper plates but they are wonderful during moves.

I hopes this helps. What are your unpacking tips?? I’d love to hear from you.