Things that Bring me Joy

Living with Psoriatic Arthritis and Fibromyalgia, or any combination of Chronic Illnesses, I believe we need to surround ourselves with people and things that bring us, Joy.

Life is beyond challenging with all the medications, flares, dietary changes to stay as healthy as possible. etc…

So here is a list of thing that bring me Joy

Having a nice apartment community to live in. I’ve lived in many different places over the years and having good neighbors really makes a  big difference.

Books I love reading. No matter how harsh my day is I can find peace and happiness in a good book.

Cats seriously is there any happier sound on Earth than a cat’s purr??

I can think of only one. Family  Not just the born you’re into but the one you create for yourself along the way.

Music I need my music.

Plants I have plants everywhere in my house and on my patio. Not only do they make me happy, they clean the air in my little corner of the world.

When I’m flaring and can’t do the things I have to or need to. I turn to DVD’s and Netflix. We all have those favorite movies or shows that no make us feel better.




I love to create! It brings me so much Joy! Whether its chopping and creating a new recipe, writing a story or making up a new cookie recipe for my nephew.

What brings you Joy??