Easter Basket and Gift Ideas

I love doing fun and special things for my family. With Easter, right around the corner, I’ve been putting together ideas for gifts and baskets.

One thing my Mom and I really enjoy is going to brunch at a local restaurant.  I thought I’d get her a gift certificate to pay for this and a bottle of champagne.

I’m making a basket for my brother and nephew. I know they love gaming and watching movies so am doing mostly snack items. Veggie sticks, microwave popcorn, my nephew’s favorite drink and a surprise for my brother. I also got a couple packs of Peeps as they were a favorite of my brothers when we were little. candy.

For my son, I’m doing a card and cash. I want to do so much more at the same time he lives so far away it makes more creative ideas challenging.

What do you for your family for Easter?? I always love hearing new ideas!