I Can’t Afford My Life! Money saving Ideas

Like most Americans, I used to live paycheck to paycheck. Then my health took a nose dive. Seizures, Fibromyalgia, Psoriatic Arthritis, Migraines, Asthma….

Living with Chronic Illness, Chronic Pain means so much more than the physical issues. The added depression and feelings of isolation and the loss of income.

As a disabled lady, I have had to dramatically change my financial outlook. I get food stamps so that I’m able to buy groceries.

I’ve learned to save for things I want and to buy ahead of time for holidays.

~ Purchase a small collapsible file folder, like the ones used for coupons. Write your purchasing goals on the back. Mine are for things like ~  home furnishing, tattoos,, upcoming holidays, etc.. Put money in the slots each month.

~ Get online coupon help. I use Honey, Wiki, and Ebates. Where Honey.com and Wiki.com will go through and find me sayings on my online purchases, Ebates pays me a portion of my purchases quarterly.

~ Revamp your entertainment. Go to the museum or art gallery on a free or discounted day.

~ Game night with friends and family

~ Cooking with friends or your significant other.

~ discount movie day at the theatre.

Take a hard look at your kitchen,

~ stockpile the grains, snacks, and soups you use the most

~ Buy seasonally.

I also purchase my home cleaning products from Grove. I love this place! Healthy, environmentally safe products art an affordable price.


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How do you save money?? I’d love to be able to add to this list.