Money and the Holidays

I know you’re probably thinking I’m off my nut as its February and I’m writing about Christmas. Trust me! I’ve been doing this for years to make my Christmas season more affordable.

It all started the year my son was born, His birthday is July 2nd. As a single parent, I never wanted him to feel that he was missing out. So I started spending from January 1st until the end of June shopping for his birthday. I usually came across some good gifts for Halloween and Christmas as well and would stash those away for later.

Once my son’s birthday was passed, the rest of the year was all about Christmas.

Now that my son is grown and making his way in the world, I have changed this only in that I now shop for my entire family throughout the year. This saves me so much money! I can get what I want for various family members throughout the year so it’s easier on my budget. I’m also a lot less stressed as I’m usually done with my shopping by the beginning of October. Including a few bottles of wine for those surprise gifts from people, you’re not expecting.

Then in the beginning of December, I only need to buy candy, flowers, and my baking needs.

For the other holidays throughout the year, I do my buying a month or two ahead for gifts. For decorating I have to decide how much do want this item?? Am I willing to wait for it to go on sale and risk losing it? This year I found my door hanger for Valentine’s Day in the bargain bin at Target. I spent less than $3.

What tips and tricks do you have to save money on the holidays?  I’d love to hear from you!