Moving Prep 2 Months Prior

At this point its time to get your boxes. Rather than spending tons of money buying boxes from the moving and getting pennies on the dollar back ~ go to your local market and ask them to set aside the dry goods boxes for you. Don’t forget to get a few boxes from the liquor dept to help with your wine and liquor bottles.

Get a change of address form for each person in the family.

Obviously, you’ll still need to get wardrobe and dish boxes.

Also, start really thinking about your all-important first-week box. What do you truly need?

If you have pets you’ll need their food. and bowls. Toys. Litter, leashes, their meds etc

 All Medications

clothing and sleepwear

shampoo and conditioner, hair care products, body wash, towels, toilet paper, shower curtain

bedding and pillows

cleaning supplies

pen and paper

trash bags


All Legal documents ~ passports, closing papers, housing documents, IDs, bank documents,

cd player and a stack of favorite CDs

glasses and plates for one week

reading glasses and a book

champagne and the all-important take-out menu for your favorite restaurants ~ I don’t do a whole lot of take out but when your packing or unpacking your life it’s necessary. Let’s be real its exhausting!!!

As you start packing number your boxes and keep a list a listing of what’s in each box as well as what room it’s going in. This will help you when your unpacking.

I also like to put together an unpacking box ~

box cutter


paper towels and hand soap for the kitchen and each bathroom

cleaning spray and cloths

laundry soap, dryer sheets

a box of Kind bars and some fresh fruit

pain reliever, bio freeze, a heating pad and a bag of frozen peas ~ packing and unpacking are hard work!! As my Mom always said and I’ve always told my son “Expect the best, prepare for the worst”  Living with Fibromyalgia or any Chronic Illness it’s better to be safe.