A Do~able Cleaning Schedule

If you’re like me before your health issues became truly noticeable and changed your life, you most likely did some dusting, laundry and vacuuming during the work week and the big house clean in one day one the weekend.

Before cleaning I always crank up the stereo. This always helps lift my spirits and get me going.

I can still clean my home in a day when I’m feeling good. That is if I don’t mind being down for the next two to three days afterward. As a single lady ~ that’s just not acceptable.



So I started thinking about how to best to clean and maintain my home while not exhausting myself.

I now take one room a day and clean it.

Once a week I clean out my refrigerator and clean the stove and oven. Sweep the patio. Each one a different day.

Every other week I dust the fans, light fixtures.

Once a month clean the headers and baseboards.

I also have plants everywhere to keep the air in my home clean. This is especially helpful when I have to be stuck inside running the heating or cooling.

I sure hope this helps!  Wha do you do to maintain your home without overdoing?

Love and hugs ~ Shellie