The Hidden Costs of Moving

No matter how many times I move and trust it’s been far too many to count, there are always fees that I’ve somehow managed to forget.

So here are some of the hidden costs, the ones that you absolutely need to plan some extra money for.

restocking the pantry, fridge, freezer ~ No Matter how close or far your moving. You’ll need new spices, milk and other perishables, frozen foods or maybe just an extra bag of peas for your stressed muscles and joints.

moving supplies ~ box cutter, sharpies, box tape, bubble wrap, Speciality boxes for tv’s, antiques. etc.

eating out/ordering in

tipping the movers ~  depending on how many hours your movers are working and the quality of work. You’ll be looking at a 10-20% tip.

gas ~ eve moving locally there is a lot more driving during a move. For supplies, the trips looking at places, gathering supplies, going to clean your new home before move in, etc.

hiring helpers ~ even if choose to move with U-Haul, living with Chronic Pain, Chronic Illness you’re going to want to hire people to pack and unpack the truck for you.

travel ~ if you’re moving far away, that means at least a trip or two to your new location. You need to fly out and look at the area and find your new home.

Hotels and transportation.  Eating out.

tools ~ if you don’t already have a toolkit. This is the time to buy a good hammer and a couple screwdrivers.