Crab Enchiladas

Crab Enchiladas are traditionally made with a sour cream sauce. However, I  really wanted to make them this time with a Green Chile Enchilada Sauce. I use Palmas.

I always use frozen crab. I get mine from Trader Joes. Its already been shelled and is ready to use. Plus it doesn’t have the tinny taste of canned.

1 pack small taco flour tortillas if you prefer corn that’s fine.

2 bags shredded Mexican cheese. I simply can’t sit and grate my own cheese anymore ~ the arthritis in my hands won’t allow it.

2 cans chopped green chiles

2 cans chopped black olives

garlic and onion powder, black pepper

1 9  by 11 rectangular dish

Start by pouring enough of the enchilada sauce to cover the bottom of the pan.Put a layer of tortillas, then cheese, crab, spices, chiles and olives.


The top layer should be sauce tortillas and cheese.

I apologize for the lack of pictures, I recently purchased a Chromebook and am learning to use it as fast as I can.

Hugs ~ Shellie