What to look for in a New Apartment

As I’m slowly but surely preparing to move, I thought I’d share some of my moving tips. I have moved so many times, mostly due to wanderlust, that I have it down. Moving with chronic illness and pain just adds to the fun.

Whether moving locally or to another state, the majority of the steps are the same. If you’re moving to another state be sure to make the time to fly out beforehand and make sure that you are getting what you want/need.

First, find your new home. Be sure to look into all the factors that are most important to you in your decision making, As my son is now grown, I no longer have to consider what school district I’m moving into.  Instead, I look for local markets and pet-friendly environments. I also like to live in a place with lots of natural beauty.

As for the actual apartment, I start online then once I have a few I like I do a walkthrough. I want to make sure the following are met

Internet/ cable or satellite ready

Doors and windows are secure

Number and locations of outlets

Good Water pressure and Temperature

Carpet/ flooring in  good condition

Laundry room or on-site

What amenities are included in rent?  Gas, Electric, Trash Removal, etc.

Emergency Maintenance

Pet policy/rent

Noise level ~ if you truly like the place go by at night and on the weekend as well as your walk through. Experience has taught me to check at these times for the actual noise levels of the community.

Make sure you get the dimensions. Even when downsizing you want to make sure what you’re keeping is going to fit and look great.

Hopefully, this will help you with your future moves. As I continue through this process I’ll be posting more.

Hugs and Love ~ Shellie