New Years Plans with Chronic Illness

As much as I love Christmas by the time it’s over I am exhausted!!! I wouldn’t change a single thing about my Christmas plans, I adore my family and we all have so much fun together!!

I think it’s just part of living with Chronic Illness.

Still not even a week later it’s New Years.

When I was younger, I would usually go out on New Years ~ to a concert or a friend’s party. Have friends over.

As a Mom,  I would watch movies and play games with my son. Staying up with him as close to midnight as he could get.

Now I have to make my plans more carefully. A lot of it will be based off how I’m feeling.

Still, there are options ~ the people closest to me know about my challenges. So I know that I can always make a cameo appearance, see my friends and leave.

Dinner and a family game night is a fun way to kick off a New Year.

A movie night with friends.

Curling up with a good book, a snuggly blanket and my cats if I’m flaring.

What are your plans this New Years?