Take A Look in My Makeup Bag ~ Easy Everyday Emergency Supplies

One of the wonderful things about homeschooling is that learning happens on the go. Trips and park days with the homeschool group. Going to various places that tie in with lesson plans, a trip to the market includes math and reading skills. Early on I decided to put together an emergency bag for these outings. With so many children around and playing someone was most likely going to get hurt. This one decision has been a lifesaver for me!

I purchased a slightly oversized makeup bag. As I need knew I’d be pulling out, again and again, I chose a stylish one that was still inexpensive. Pictured is my furbaby Bandido with the kit.

In this bag, I have the following ~

Polysporin and Band-Aids

Lip Balm

Epi-Pen ~ I have quite a few environmental and food allergies.

Tweezers ~ splinters  and/or bee stings happen

Pepto Bismol Tablets

Instant Cold Pack

Instant Heat Pack

Travel sized cleaning cloths



Maxalt ~ I get migraines so have to keep this on me.

Travel sized Q tips and Kleenex.

Hope this helps! Hugs~ Shellie




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