Chronic Pain Illness and Depression/ Anxiety

Living with Chronic Pain Illness can cause Depression and Anxiety. I have suffered from depression for years ~ now I have severe depression. Living in constant pain, fighting your own body each day is exhausting and frustrating.

That doesn’t, however, change how very beautiful the world is. How precious each day is.

Depression and Anxiety are simply two more challenges to be faced. There are so many different thoughts and ideas to help with Anxiety and Depression far too many to list in one place. I think the most important thing is to know yourself. what helps you personally.

Many people say to organize your home, that clutter causes stress. I am a creative person and require small areas of chaos in order to be comfortable. If someone were to come into my home office and completely organize it ~ it would drive me insane!

Below are some of the things I do.

Meditate ~ Take a deep breath focusing on all the wonderful things in life. Exhale and release pain and frustration

Journal ~ I find that getting those feelings out helps me a great deal.

Give Back ~ Helping others. This helps me more than I can say.

Pets ~ Spending time with animals. Snuggling and playing. My cats bring me joy! They also come and demand my attention and purr when they sense I am in pain or depressed.

Make Plans with Friends or Family ~  Go to lunch or a movie. Whatever you enjoy.

Engage Your Senses ~ Take a bath. Snuggle up in a blanket with a good book and a glass of wine. Light a candle and put on music.

Puzzle ~  Doing a puzzle engages your critical thinking, imagination and hand-eye coordination.

Practice Gratitude ~ This one has saved me when I was having an anxiety attack. More than one. I focus in on my breath and bring to mind all the things I’m grateful for.

Talk with a Counselor ~ Talk therapy is invaluable.  Whether or not you’re living with Chronic Illness.

Volunteer ~ Give of your time and talents. Volunteer somewhere you enjoy being or doing something you love!

Exercise ~ Get those endorphins going!  Daily exercise even if only for 10- 15 min. increases your endorphin level. This helps to not make you happy but calmer.

Be here. Now. ~ Live in the moment as much as possible. Anxiety comes from past events and stressors over the future, by living mindfully these stressors are eliminated.

Self Care ~ Part of self-care is eating healthy foods fresh fruits and vegetables. 8 -10 glasses of water a day.

Get your hair or nails done.

Coloring ~ Either download color pages or doodle. Let your mind go, relax and enjoy.

Play Games ~ Get in the habit of playing games you enjoy and get social! My family has a weekly Game Night and I also get together with friends to play Chess or Backgammon about once a month.

Read ~ give your mind another direction to move in.

Take a Bath ~ I like to add baby oil and Lavender scented bath salts. The lavender scent is very relaxing. I also light a candle or two and take a glass of wine with me. Put on soft music.

Hope this helps! Hugs ~ Shellie