Self Care during the Holidays

Making time for self-care is so important! I have found that living with a Chronic Illness       ( Let’s be honest more than one. Once you have one you have more) I especially need to take some extra time to renew.

Begin by giving yourself permission. Holidays no matter how wonderful are also stressful. Stress is a huge trigger for most of us.

A few things I do ~

Limit commitments ~ Trust me I know how hard this can be! Be selective in what you commit to this. Be sure not to overbook yourself.

Quiet Time ~ with all the hustle and bustle of the Holidays. It can get overwhelming. Be sure to make time yourself!

While your purchasing gifts for everyone on your list think of yourself too.

Get some fresh flowers for your home. I tend to get mine at Trader Joe’s while I’m doing my marketing.

Bath items to help keep you refreshed and relaxed.

A book.

Just something small for yourself. This year I got myself an air plant ornament. I spent less than $5 and love the way it looks hanging in my window.

Involve all your senses ~ A scented candle. Warm snuggly blanket. Favorite drinks.

Color ~ There are many wonderful pictures available online for free. Coloring not only helps your brain to make new connections, it can help your hands stay nimble. Coloring has also been shown to relieve anxiety and depression.

Manage Your Expectations ~  Thanks to the media I think we all get the idea that everything is supposed to be perfect this time of year.  Perfect doesn’t exist. I believe that the Most important part of the holidays is who you spend it with. Something will always go wrong be it a forgotten dish, late arrivals, unexpected guests. Whatever. Just roll with it and enjoy the time you share with those you love.

What do you do to take care of yourself during this festive time of year??

Hugs ~ Shellie