Family Christmas Traditions

Family traditions are one of the most important parts of any season, holiday.

In my family, we have a few that I hold close to my heart.

December 1st  ~ we put up the tree.  My family has cocktails and together we decorate the tree. We do this in each of our homes now.

I always gave my son a  few Christmas books on this day. We put the wreath around the banister and hung the swag on the door. Then read a book and watched a Christmas movie.

I also like to write my Christmas cards on the first.

The Advent wreath. In the morning, we would go to Mass and then have breakfast. I’d give him a few books with a focus on Advent.

Making candy and cookies.

Reading and watching Christmas movies together.

Spending time with family and friends.

Opening one gift on Christmas Eve.  If it was books we would read them. A game we would play. The whole idea was to simply spend this special time together.

Brunch on Christmas morning

What are your Christmas traditions?