Christmas Trees

Christmas trees and the type you choose to have in your home is a very personal choice. I believe in considering the environment in everything I do.

I have a small fake tree now that I live in an apt. I purchased this tree last year for about $35. Most of my ornaments are from Cost Plus, so very inexpensive as well as beautiful. This picture also shows my furbaby, Bowie. This is his first Christmas.

Having a fake tree brings convenience. I can pull my tree out of the box on December 1st, fluff it and have it ready to decorate in minutes. I have a cranberry candle to add the scent of Christmas. And a fake tree is purchased one time with no further harm to the environment.

In the past, I’ve had live trees which are truly wonderful! Choosing a baby tree and bringing it home to decorate. Planting it after the season is done.

A live tree fills the house with its luscious scent. They require watering and care but you have this beautiful live tree in your home for the season. I always felt such joy planting my trees, knowing that I was giving back. Helping the environment in some small way.

What influences your choices in choosing a tree? Id love to hear from you and add other options to this list. Hugs ~ Shellie