The Real Price of getting the Flu

It’s winter and that means Flu Season. For those of us living with Chronic Illnesses, the risks are much higher than for the average person.  People with Chronic Illness already have compromised immune systems so are much more likely to catch colds and the flu. The flu drains much-needed strength and energy and causes inflammation according to Web MD. We also take longer to heal.  We need more sleep, fluids and medication even before the flu.

Since our immune systems are already compromised we are more likely to suffer from the complications associated with flu such as bronchitis, dehydration, sinus infection, asthma and more.

That is why getting a flu shot each year is so important.

If you get the flu shot at your Doctor’s office the cost is 100% covered by most insurance.  Walmart and CVS offer free flu shots under your insurance. Many pharmacies run promotions each year for flu shots so that even if this isn’t covered by your insurance for some reason you can get gift cards for future services.

In addition, there are the financial costs~

Missed work ~ The flu is highly contagious!! That means that once you have any symptoms ~ fever, body aches, vomiting, etc ~ you need to stay home and let it run its course.  Can you afford to miss the time and pay??

Sickbed supplies ~

Multivitamins ~ to help boost immunity can run anywhere from $7 to 20 per bottle.

Vicks ~ The gel helps suppress cough and opens up breathing passages. $16.99

 Humidifier ~ Steam is wonderful for cold and flu. I add the Vicks liquid to my humidifier when I’m sick. A humidifier costs anywhere from $20 to almost 50.

Kleenex ~One box costs between $1.99 and 3. Let’s be honest it’s going to take more than one box.

Cold and Flu Medication ~ This runs between $9 and 11.

Gatorade ~ Necessary to help restore electrolytes. This can run $1.50 per bottle.

This is just a short list and its already over $100. In addition, to this, there is at the very least soups and saltines or crackers.

Hugs ~ Shellie