31 movies forHalloween

When my son was young, we started a Halloween tradition. Every October 31st we would wake up and make breakfast then start watching scary movies. I’d set it up in advance to be a total movie fest.

A few days early we would go the market and stock up on snacks and drinks. Popcorn, movie sized candy, water and soda. Order pizza for dinner.


My son is grown now but I still love spending Halloween this way. I make different snacks now and have friends over to enjoy.  Ill make a charcuterie board, fruits, and veggies as well as the popcorn and candy.

Here is a list of some of my favorite movies to watch in no particular order.

the Happening

Corpse Bride

Lost Boys

28 Days Later

the Purge

Sleepy Hollow

the Host

V for Vendetta


Werewolf ~ the Beast Amongst Us

Dracula Untold

the Howling

World War Z


Beautiful Creatures

the Island

Interview with the Vampire

Queen of the Damned

Last Witch Hunter

Dracula Untold

Hocus Pocus



Resident Evil

Children of the Corn

Stake Land

Season of the Witch

the Village


Dark Shadows

 the Adams Family

I love these types of movies so my list could go on and on. What fun traditions do you have for Halloween?? Id love to hear from you!

Hugs~ Shellie