A Positive Outlooks Improves Health

I just had to share this! Living with an Invisible Illness… we look perfectly healthy. Exhausted but healthy.

The feeling is completely different. For most its mental as well as physical. Being in constant pain, just dealing with Chronic Illness leads to depression and anxiety.

However recent studies show ~ that having a positive outlook can, in fact, improve health. Practicing mindfulness can be very beneficial to mental and physical health.

Each morning when I wake up I take a few minutes to thank God for all the gifts He has given me. I woke up. I have a family and friends. I have a purpose.

After that, I read for 20-30 minutes and play with my cats. I have found that in doing this I start my day off with joy. After that whatever the day holds I can deal with it better.

Life is still joy-filled and miraculous! The sound of wind chimes, a cats purr. The softness of a good quality blanket on a cold day. Having food on the table, a home to live in. Simple everyday pleasures that can be taken for granted.

Before going to bed at night I do much the same. I read, snuggle my furbabies and thank God for every good thing that has happened that day.

Hope this helps! Hugs ~ Shellie