Money Saving Ideas

The things I do to save money throughout the year are small but they add up. Whenever I get a five dollar bill, I put it in savings. Now even if I only put five dollars a week into that savings each week, that will add up to 1,200 by the end of a year. That’s One Thousand Two Hundred dollars that I otherwise would not have had.

I don’t have cable. I have a Netflix account. That account costs me $18.00 a month for unlimited viewing for myself and my son plus DVDs delivered to my door.
I make use of my local library. I get to borrow books and movies for free. There are also classes and movie showings. Every once and again they also show local artists.

I set aside money for birthdays and holidays throughout the year. Even purchase gifts for those closest to me when I find them on sale.

I also have a small fund for the things I want. If I want something new for my home or a new tattoo, I check my savings for these things. My “mad money” if I can afford it great! If not I just have to keep saving.

I have checked with my local theatres and found their discount days. I’ve also joined the savings club they have to offer. Once a week there are matinee prices all day. As part of a savings club, you can get discounts and even free concessions.
Museums are usually free to the public. Though for special exhibits there is usually a fee.

Check online for discounts for local attractions. The zoo here in Cleveland offers a dollar off each ticket purchased online.
During the summer months, there are free concerts every weekend.  There are festivals Spring through Fall, admissions are usually free. One local restaurant even screens movies for free once a week.
Now that fall is here in Ohio there is apple picking, pumpkin festivals and Halloween event.

Hope this helps! Hugs!