Saving Money At the Market

Before I head to the market I always take a few minutes and look through the fridge, freezer and pantry.  I make a weekly menu based off what I have.  Then I look for coupons online for the items I need. I have also signed up for Ibotta, this is a wonderful site. They will reimburse you a portion of everything you buy from the websites/ stores that they work with.                        

This past weekend I went to my freezer and came out with ideas for almost two full weeks of entrees. My fridge and pantry supplied all I needed for breakfast to round out my meals and a snack between the two main meals. I just can’t eat three meals a day. So now when I go to the market I’ll only need to get two items for the week. I need tomatoes and avocados. This isn’t the norm but wow has this one little trick saved me big money over the years!

I absolutely adore Trader Joe’s for doing my marketing. I can get almost everything I need without worrying about hormones or chemicals. The prices are excellent. I do my main shopping here. I get all my produce, meat and cheese products, seafood and the majority of my frozen foods. Their mini frozen tacos are excellent for those nights when I’m just too tired to cook. I also love the pizza with kale, sweet potato and butternut squash.

Then I head to Walmart for those items I cant find at Trader Joe’s. For instance, I bought a tray of pork chops a couple weeks ago. So far, I’ve made two meals from this. I have them divided into sets of two and now have enough for four more meals.  I also bought a family size bag of Tyson chicken nuggets. I use these for salads and quick “I’m feeling overwhelmed” this works for dinner with some fruit meals.

Another thing I found at Walmart, was grass fed, hormone free hamburger more cheaply than any other hamburger. I was amazed! Everywhere else I get the vegetarian fed hormone free because I simply can’t afford the grass fed.

I’ve been having flare-ups and trying to do my deep cleaning as well. Talk about scary!!  Thank God I have my stockpile of soups and frozen food!

Anytime I see something I know I will use again and again goes on sale I buy extra. That way I have built up a small stockpile for times I’m flaring as well having everything I might need for recipes readily available.  Honestly, this is one thing I would highly recommend for saving money.

I hope this helps you! Big hugs!