Inexpensive Entertainment

Living on a budget not to mention trying to save money can prove to be difficult. Especially when living with disabilities. So I decided to come up with a list of inexpensive ways to enjoy free time.

Contact the local museums, aquariums and zoos. Most of these will have a free day for locals each month.

Take advantage of your local library. I get books, music and DVDs from my library all the time. I’ve also found free classes and community activities.

Join an online book club like Goodreads, you can win new books in Giveaways.

Instead of paying for cable get Netflix.

Check out your community web pages. Here in Medina, there are free concerts every weekend during the summer showcasing local bands. There is also a local restaurant that screens movies every Saturday night free all summer.

Invite family or friends over for a game night. A deck of cards at Walmart is $1.13.  There are also many board games that cost between ten and twenty dollars.

Movie nights can be fun. Get a movie or two from the library and invite people over. I make a couple bowls of popcorn, get two or three movie-sized candy from Walmart ($1 each) and have drinks available.

Have a picnic.

Go to a matinee. You get added discounts by joining the club for your theatre.