Shellie’s Fried Chicken Salad

Here in Brunswick, it’s the first cool day and so my thoughts, naturally, turned to more warming recipes.

My first impulse was to make soup, however, my arthritis is also announcing the change of season. It’s going to rain later tonight. I adore the sound and smell of rain! I’m just not real thrilled with the added pain that the increased humidity brings. Making all the chopping I’d need to do for soup temporarily impossible.

So today I’m making a fried chicken salad instead. I love this salad as it’s so easy and adaptable. Depending on what’s in season, I am always changing parts of it.

To make the base of this salad I use a blend of fresh red and green lettuce, plum tomato, avocado and chicken nuggets. (I use Tysons) Then I add the fruits and/or veggies I have on hand. Today I’m using peach and blackberries.

Since I’m the only one here today this will be a small salad. I’ve made this for family and friends adding a bottle of wine and fresh baked rolls.

Tear equal parts red and green leaf lettuce and place in bowl. Then take all the fruits, vegetables selected and cut into bite sized pieces adding all. Mix.

I squeeze a little lemon juice over all and then add my spices. I use garlic and onion powders and pepper. I will add crushed red pepper depending on my other ingredients.

Hope you enjoy! Hugs!