In a recent study by, it was found that more than 75 percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck usually without a savings.

I found this so amazingly depressing! If I can learn to budget my money, anyone can. Trust me, I was totally clueless for years when it came to finances! I’ve learned a great deal over the years and still am.

One thing my Tata used to tell me, was to always pay myself first. So now as I get my money each month I try and am getting better at doing just that.

I have one of those purse sized organizers that are usually used for coupons, I created tabs for the things I need to save for throughout the year and set aside a little money each month. I marked tabs for all the little extras in my life as well as some necessities. For example, household needs, hair and beauty, birthdays, etc. I also made sure to add a section called drama, just for those times I’m having a truly special day.

Then as birthdays and holidays come throughout the year I have money without it affecting my budget. I also buy gifts for my nearest and dearest throughout the year. Last month I saw a picture that I knew my brother would absolutely love and it was on sale for a great price. I got it and went ahead and wrapped it for Christmas. This past week, I happened on my Mom’s gift a day before the Labor day sales so I got the discount without having to deal with the crowds.

I’ll be posting more budgeting ideas and creative ways to save money soon.

Hope this helps!  Big hugs, Shellie